Mole Control

Traditional Mole Control

If you have a problem with Moles in Herefordshire, we can help. Whether you have moles in your garden, cricket pitch or they're making mountains out of your field. We ONLY use traditional mole trapping methods.

At Sure Pest we adhere to the strict British Traditional Mole Catchers Code of Conduct. We are traditional molecatchers, which means Surepest will NEVER use gas or poisons to catch moles and all our mole traps are checked regularly.

We are happy to work on a contracted, hourly or pay per mole basis. If we don't catch a mole then there is no charge.

Need a traditional mole catcher? Give us a call:

Office. 01989 730 597

Mobile. 07837 793 963

British Traditional Molecatchers Register The Guild of British Molecatchers

Areas Covered by Sure Pest

Hereford, Ledbury, Monmouth,
Abergavenny, Ross-on-Wye,
Monmouthshire, Herefordshire.