Flea Control

Are Fleas Causing You Problems?

Fleas are primarily a source of irritation to humans and animals; effective in spreading bacterial and parasitic diseases through their bites.

Fleas can be very difficult to eradicate using over the counter products; often having little effect on the flea infestation or not fully irradiating the problem. Sure Pest use modern insecticide formulations which enable us to quickly and safely clear the infestation.

Before we can carry out our work - some procedures may need to be carried out.

Removing fleas from your cat or dog alone would not eradicate the population, as fleas that are in the earlier stages of the life cycle would still be developing away from the host animal.

Once a flea’s life cycle is considered, it becomes easier to see the necessary steps to take when trying to eliminate a flea infestation and to prevent one from re-occurring.

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