Bird Control

Bird Control Services

Pest birds can not only be a nuisance, but also pose potential health & hygiene hazards, especially during the nesting season.

Sure Pest's bird control services help prevent unnecessary damage to buildings, employees and the general public by means of trapping or other methods. Preventative measures of bird control are also available including netting and egg spiking.

Pigeons: Feral pigeons produce a large amount of droppings, which not only harbour diseases, but can cause severe damage to buildings and vehicles.

Seagulls: Gulls can be extremely noisy and there are also an increasing number of reports of these birds attacking people or pets for food, and when protecting their young. Gulls breeding on rooftops throughout the UK is increasing by 30% a year, with the most aggressive behaviour being seen between the months of July and August.

Corvids: Crows and other corvids can be a general agricultural pest. We offer reactive pest control services for corvid pests such as crows, rooks and jackdaws.

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